Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)

12 Aug 2019
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

  • Read this while listening to the song : Billie must never take drugs if she cant handle the fame then she needs to talk to someone and work things out because she is only a teen and she still has a happy life ahead of her and she needs to stay strong at hard times so Billie if are reading this please do so.

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  • These 5:00 minutes have hard work behind _#Billie

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  • It spunds like she's legit crying at the end 🤧🤧

    * Alioth ** Alioth *Vor 4 Stunden
  • I don't know how.... though I can't express or explain how talented Billie is.

    Jasmine FinlayJasmine FinlayVor 5 Stunden
  • I think anyone who disliked the vid have a tear blocking the way so they accidentally hit the dislike instead of like ❤️

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  • Perfect❤️

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  • I love you Billie elish🥰🥰❤❤

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  • So Pink Floydish Don’t hate yourself in brace yourself good job

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  • 😢😔😊 I love u and I don’t want to 😢

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  • I'm seeing her this summer, if she sings this i'm def gonna cry my eyes out. No shame

    brecht Vermachelenbrecht VermachelenVor 20 Stunden
  • "The smile that you gave me even when you felt like dying" #AlltheFeels

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  • finneas: how sad do you want the song to be? billie: y e s.

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  • I love you Bilie Elish

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  • I wish I was in that crowd. The connection and peace they all must have felt...

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  • This is truly amazing *cries*

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  • Their voices blend so well together

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  • I'm crying when I hear this song. Thank You Billie.

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  • i love you

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  • God and Lucifer fight over me false prophet you hope god gets us I don't know

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  • El mejor dueto TnT

  • Hello to anyone reading this! I posted a cover of this song and it would mean a ton if you'd check it out. Have a wonderful day!

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  • l love billie eilish 🤩😍🥰💛♥️💚

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  • Love

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  • and how she can to be one success today guys

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  • Ya era hora q aparesca una artista q calme la bulla de todo el mundo

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  • The passion and feelings in her voice are so moving ... both lyrical masters and what an absolute beautiful experience !!

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  • Who loves the part where they all sing”I love you” together so powerfully?

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  • oh wow🧡

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  • this song is so beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. i cry to it every time

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  • I love you 💜 I love you 💜 I love you 💜 I love you 💜 I love you 💜 LEGEND 💓 Universal FVRT singer Madam 👸🏻🙏💜 God bless everyday & Year singing 💜 happiness health & goals Paths 🙏😿 by stranger WIDOW FOLLOWER FAN 😖😢👽🛩️ @sruthiswiz - Smule 22.1.2020 1:35 Am

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  • Billie elish hace magia con su voz

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  • You are the best

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  • 🇵🇹

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  • This song sounds like the love child of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and pretty much any The Swell Season song. I like it.

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  • Was the whole crowd crying?👁👁

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  • Ummmm... I am the "stone" girl, but when I listening this song, I'm crying... Do not show it to my mom, she is soft for sad things....

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  • Это очень чувственно ... спасибо. ..

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  • Nobody from Greece???

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  • i posted a cover of this song on my channel and i would REAAALLLYYY appreciate it if you checked it out 😡😡😡😡 this is a threat 😡😡😡

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  • I wish I was ur daughter lmao 😂 but it’s true I still do luv my own mom tho ;)

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  • When life shows me middle finger...

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  • I love Billi love

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  • Getting some serious incest vibes with this songs lyrics and her and her brother laying on that bed together. I love you but I dont want to. Uhhhh ok?

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  • billie: “crying isn’t like you” me: *cries*

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  • It’s not true tell me I been lied to crying isn’t like you ohhhhhhhhh what the hell did I do never been the type to let someone see right through ohhh mmmm maybe won you take it back trying to take it back to say that I love youuu I love youuu and I don’t whant to tell you ohhhhh up all night up on another red eye I wish we never learned to fly high maybe we should just try to tell ourself a goodlie I didn’t mean to make you cry high mmmmmaybe won’t you take it back trying to make me laugh and nothing has to change today to say that I love youuu I love you and I don’t whant to ohhh the smile that you gave me even when you felt like dying mmm the day I had held your arm in Central Park there’s nothing that you have to say to escape the way I love u ohh ohh ohh ohh

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  • 3000 Version

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  • didn't mean to make u cry me: WELP TO LATE

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  • i crieddddd....😭😢😥

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  • Modern day Hansel and Gretel.❤ They are sooo adorable...😘❤

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  • I am lying down on the terrace watching the moon and the stars while listening to her album. Then when this song came, I paused it and came to DEkeys to watch this video. I am not in love or depressed at the moment but I am bawling my eyes out right now. The only other song that made me cry was The wisp sings by Winter Aid. Her voice is what the silence of nature might sound like.

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  • Billie eilish I love your voice your voice is so so pretty please make a difference to because I no that I love them

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  • боже аж до мурашек

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  • billie💚

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  • Stop cutting onions DAMMIT! T_T

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  • When I saw the audience cry it fucking hit me

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  • I 🖤 this song was the best song ever

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